Why IT teams choose Scappman over other patch management solutions

Forget about managing software updates in Microsoft Intune on your own – Scappman will automatically update all your applications*

Set up in less than 3 mins

15-day free trial

Transparent pricing

* Microsoft Intune required

More than automated patch management solution

Whether you’re an Enterprise/SMB or an MSP  – Scappman will make your life a lot easier!


Fully integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and doesn’t require any servers or agents to install and update your applications.

Extensive app list​

We're always looking to add new third-party apps to our App Store. Now there are 850+ applications available. You can also upload and manage your own app.

Registry keys​

Control application behavior, and configure security settings and user preferences by creating a set of registry keys.

Cross-tenant reporting

Get a complete overview of all your managed applications and their version across your customers. MSP only

White labeling

Customize styling of notifications for your users – add your logo or logo of your customer. MSP only

Application sets

Create a blueprint of applications and deploy them to all your customers. MSP only

third-party apps update rings reporting

Third-party app update rings

Testing application updates is crucial to make sure it works as expected. If you do this manually, you need to assign different groups at different time and monitor all installations. Scappman is doing this for you.


You as an MSP manage a lot of customers. It takes great effort to update applications for all of them. Scappman reduces this time by managing all customers from one portal. Switch easily between your customers and get a global overview across all applications!

scappman manages multi-tenancy

Time & money saver

Save a huge amount of your time and costs, and forget about patching. Let Scappman take care of your application updates and focus on more important tasks.

Do more with less

Being an easy to use and powerful platform

You are secured

With Scappman, your applications are always up to date, which reduces the risk of being hacked by 57%.

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