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Do you want to stand out as a managed service provider?

Protect your customers with automated application updates in Microsoft Intune!

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Trusted by MSPs around the world

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Scappman for MSPs

Don't worry about client updates! Keeping third-party applications up to date has never been that easy.

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Manage all customers from one portal. Switch easily between your customers and get a global overview across all applications!


No technical skills required

Application packaging is a special skill and expensive if you need to update on a regular base. Scappman packages these applications on the fly, you only need to select who needs them.

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Save a huge amount of your time and forget about patching! Let Scappman take care of your application updates and focus on more important tasks!

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White labeling

Customize the notifications with your or your customer's logo.


Upsell towards the customers

Sell Scappman to the customer and get a discount.

Don't just take our word for it


"We'd been waiting many years for an application deployment and patching product as mature as this, and now it's here!"


"We recommend Scappman to everyone who is still deploying and updating their applications manually". 


"Scappman makes it a piece of cake to keep your client estate up to date. So free up important time by automating this important but boring job!"

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Ready to see Scappman in action? We can't wait to show you how easy it is to manage application updates in Microsoft Intune!

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