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From zero-day to zero-trust: why TVM is an essential part of the journey

+ How to automate application installations and updates in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

March 31st, 2022


11:00 AM


10:00 AM


9:00 PM


Given the number of cyberattacks facing companies these days, Vulnerability Management has become one of the top priorities. In response to this, Microsoft created its own solution - Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM). The only way to keep endpoints secure is to keep software up to date. During the webinar, you'll know how you can automate this process in Microsoft Intune. 

During the webinar, we'll be covering these topics:

  • Introduction in the current Threat Landscape

  • Covering the need for Vulnerability Management

  • Microsoft's TVM

  • How to automate application installations and updates in Microsoft Intune 

  • Scappman demo


At the end of the webinar, we'll give away 30
Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros e-books and...


... one FREE* ticket to the Midwest Management Summit in Minneapolis- the biggest conference in the USA, focused on Microsoft products, new releases, new features and technological trends

*worth $1899

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Meet the Speakers


Michael Van Horenbeeck

MVP & Microsoft Certified Solutions Master


Thijs Lecomte

MVP & Modern Workplace Consultant


Wout Vergauwen

Co-founder of Scappman

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