How would your day look like as Business Developer? 

You wake up at 08h00 or earlier if you have kids like one of our co-founders, Maarten. You’ll arrive at the office around 09h00, or if you need to work from home that’s also a possibility, it’s ok if you hit the snooze button one more time. A hot cup of coffee will kickstart your day, or if you’re not into that, we don’t judge; we can get you a hot chocolate. At SCAPPMAN, we care about you, your health, and of course, results. 

You’ll start your day by chatting with the marketing team (yes, already 2 people). They have already heated up some leads. It’s up to you to take the following steps. The next steps would be reaching out, qualifying and disqualifying leads, and in the end, making sure those leads are hot enough to convert to customers. 

We’re located in the beautiful city of Antwerp, the office has some incredible views of the city. There are many places you can go for lunch with the team during lunch. If your spouse prepares lunch best, you eat that; we don’t want to create any trouble. We don’t have many rules, there’s one rule, but we’ll leave that for the interview. Ideally, you would be a self-starter/intrapreneur that picks up things fast. 

After lunch, you’ll reach out to qualified leads to get them converted to customers and track the status. This is an assumption, but you probably don’t like to do a lot of admin work, so we created a nice flow in HubSpot. This makes it easier for you to report on your leads and pipeline. At the end of the day, the 1-rule will come to play, but as we said, let’s discuss it during the interview. 

The young team and the founders, you would be joining are always in good spirits and always up for a friendly chat. If you have any questions, reach out to us or even somebody from the team. 

Who we’re looking for?

We are looking for entrepreneurial, commercial minds to explore and execute on commercial opportunities. You create your own success and are able to create deals with winners on both sides. You will engage in business-level and technical conversations at multiple levels of the organization and help them understand the value of Scappman for their businesses. You have an innate drive to sell based on Scappman added value and you understand that it requires the entire company to be successful. 

Your main activities

Your skills

What’s in it for you