Automate your application installations and updates in Microsoft Intune

A 100%-cloud solution that automatically installs all the necessary updates for your applications

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What does Scappman do

More than automated patch management

Complete and easy solution for managing third-party applications in Microsoft Intune

Simple application management

Simplified application management

Autoamtically creates and update applications in Intune

Automatically create and update applications in Intune

Remediate vulnerabilities in no time

Remediate vulnerabilities in no time

Third-party update rings, customized installation commands, embedded reporting, app sets, assignments and much more!

Scappman for

Enterprise & SMBs

Automate application installation and updates in Microsoft Intune. 

Scappman for

Managed Service Providers

Manage third-party applications of all your customers in one place, with just one click.

Key features

Don't worry about patching your third-party applications manually

Scappman will do it for you. You will be free to focus on the important things in your job.

Fully automated installs and updates

Don’t worry about packaging, installing, testing, monitoring and updating applications anymore. We got this automated for you.

Easy app management

We’ve always looking to add new third-party applications to our App Store. Select application and choose who needs them. Leave the rest to us!

Secure all your endpoints

Hackers love security flaws. But if your apps are up to date you have nothing to worry about: with Scappman taking care of app updates you’re protected.

Trusted by 720 000+ users around the world

You are in good company! See what our clients and partners say about Scappman.

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Frequently asked questions

  • An Intune subscription

  • Your devices must be enrolled in Intune

We already have a lot of applications in our store but are continuously adding new ones. To see the list of the supported third-party applications click here.

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