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Automate your application installations and updates with Microsoft Intune

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What problem do we solve for you?

Over the years we experienced the same problems in every single company we worked with. The installation of applications and keeping them up-to-date is a struggle and/or a time consuming (high cost) task..

Why is this difficult?

For every application update, you should create a package. This package needs to be installed on all computers and needs to be monitored. Doesn't sound exciting, right?

Companies don't have the resources to do this. But if they do, they spend a lot of money installing and updating these packages.

Why do you need Scappman?

Why do you need it?


These bugs can be big security holes and they can be used as a backdoor to enter your company.

Hackers can steal or encrypt all your files!

How can we both benefit from Scappman?
Scappman provides these packages in an Appstore. By serving them to multiple companies, we can keep the price low.

Enterprises can save resources and SMB's have affordable security!


What can we offer?

100% cloud

We don't need a server to install/update your applications.

Easy application management

By keeping your applications up to date.

100% automated

We take care of your updates!


When do we update?

We don't update while someone is using the application. When the user isn't using the application, Scappman updates it in the background.

Protect Your data

We make application assignment easy peasy.

Just assign users to applications in 2 steps! 

Onboarding new users?

Assign applications to users and they install automatically on their new computer.

Silently update the application when it's not running
Users can postpone updates
Upload your own applications
Add custom pre-install script
Add custom install script
User based application assignment
3rd party update rings
Embedded reporting
Request custom application packaging
Allow users to close applications when it's running
No pop-ups during PowerPoint presentations
A lot of work

Our Feature list

Can't find the feature you're looking for ?

Request it on our roadmap

How does it work ?

  1. Register on our portal with your work email address.

  2. Provide Admin consent so we can install the applications.

  3. Select applications and assign them to your employees.

  4. Grab a beer, and let Scappman do the job!

It's that simple!

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What do we believe in?

We believe in ...

...a world where people can use the internet and computers in a secure way.

...a world where hackers or scammers have no chance to scam people or children. internet  for everyone and it's Scappman's mission to get the world a bit closer to achieve this.

...improving and empowering businesses with fundamental security principles to allow them to focus on their passion without worrying about security.


Top reasons why companies choose for Scappman.

Easy management

"It has never been more easy to update all applications on our computers."

100% cloud

"We finally found a solution that doesn't need additional servers."


"We get so much security for such a low price! Truly amazing."

Our Team

"The customer-driven team behind Scappman is always available for assistance."


We want our pricing to be as simple as our solution. We aim to be as transparent as possible to you, the customer. We believe that by keeping our price as low as possible, we could benefit companies for a greater purpose where we strongly believe in.

Making the digital world a secure place!


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per user/year

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Do you have more than 5000 users or are you a reseller? Don't hesitate to request a quote and we'll get in touch with a custom offer!

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What are the requirements?

  • An Intune subscription

  • Your devices must be enrolled in Intune (We can help)​

Which applications are supported?

We already have a lot of applications in our store but are continuously adding new ones.

How can I reach a representative?

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Do you have a reseller model?

Yes, we certainly do!

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