Discovery & Autopatch

Discover all applications on devices and automagically patch them

With Discovery you get the insights of all applications in your environment. Autopatch will automatically patch them once Scappman detects them. 

Automatically discover all apps installed in Microsoft Intune

Patch unmanaged apps automatically

Configure patching process

Apps managed by Scappman

Apps you have installed in Microsoft Intune, that are not managed by Scappman

Apps that cannot be patched by Scappman

Application discovery feature

All your Intune apps in one place

We detect all third-party applications installed on your Intune-managed devices so you can see which applications are managed by Scappman (and are up to date 😉),  apps that can be managed in Scappman, and unsupported apps (not in our Catalog). 


Patch your apps in a few clicks

Unpatched applications in Intune? Patch them straight away with Scappman Autopatch! Configure the patching process in the way you want: you can select the language, and min number of installations and even exclude certain applications.


More patching with less clicks

Increased security

By automatically detecting and patching third-party applications, Scappman helps to reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities.

Time savings

No need to check third-party applications on all devices and patch them, freeing up valuable time and resources. 

Improved compliance

Get to know all installed 3rd-party applications in your environment and act on unpatched ones. 

Save more time now with Discovery and Autopatch

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