Scappman for Enterprises & SMBs

Automate application updates, focus on what matters

No need to worry about managing software updates on your own – Scappman will automatically update all of the applications you deploy in Microsoft Intune for you. This saves you time and money that could be spent on more important things.

dashboard smb and enterprise solution for intune application management

Third-party update rings

Dashboard with high-level overview of all ongoing activities

Extensive list of supported applications

Insightful reporting about your installations

Add custom reg keys

Customize notifications for users

Efficient third-party patch management

Extensive application list

We’re always looking to add new third-party apps to our App Store. Now there are 850+ applications available.

Customize installation commands

Configure pre-install, install and post-install commands to perform an app installation and updates in the way you need.

Upload your own app

Need to manage your own application? Easy peasy! Upload the file, configure installation and detection rulres.

third-party apps update rings reporting

Third-party app update rings

Testing application updates is crucial to make sure it works as expected. If you do this manually, you need to assign different groups at different time and monitor all installations. Scappman is doing this for you.

User-based application assignment

Intune only allows group assignments. Scappman allows you to select users and we can automatically create a group for you in the background. Just assign users to applications in 2 clicks!

application assignments
configuring registry keys

Registry keys

Control application behavior, and configure security settings and user preferences by creating a set of registry keys.