What problem does Scappman solve for you?

Over the years we experienced the same problems in every single company we worked with. The installation of applications and keeping them up-to-date is a struggle and/or a time consuming (high cost) task.

Why is this difficult?

For every application update, you should create a package. This package needs to be installed on all computers and needs to be monitored. Doesn't sound exciting, right?

Companies don't have the resources to do this. But if they do, they spend a lot of money installing and updating these packages. That’s why we created Scappman.

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About Scappman

We believe in...

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... a world where people can use the Internet and computers in a secure way

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... a world where hackers or scammers have no chance to scam people or children

What do we believe in?

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... secure Internet  for everyone and it's Scappman's mission to get the world a bit closer to achieve this

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... improving and empowering businesses with fundamental security principles to allow them to focus on their passion without worrying about security

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Meet the team