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Updating applications and keeping them up to date is simple with Scappman.

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100% cloud &

Fully integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and doesn’t require any servers or agents to install and update your applications. We give you a clear overview of all your managed applications and their version.

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Third-party application update rings

Testing application updates is crucial to make sure it works as expected. If you do this manually, you need assign different groups on different time and monitor all installations. Scappman does this for you.

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Managed Service Providers (MSP's) manage a lot of customers. It takes great effort to update applications for all of them. Scappman reduces this time by managing all customers from one portal. Switch easily between your customers and get a global overview across all applications!


User interaction

By default, Intune will force the application to shut down when the application is running. Scappman adds logic to updates and installations to make sure the application does not close while using it and updates it in the background when possible.

No pop-ups during your presentations!

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Updating available applications

When an available application is updated in Intune, it is just available. The user still needs to go to the company portal to get the latest version. Scappman solves this and makes sure all your applications are up to date even if users installed it themselves.

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Bring your own app

Upload your own company application in the portal empowers you to use our features (log collection, update rings, reporting, App sets, add version…).


Embedded reporting

To be in control means knowing installation statuses across your endpoints. We provide a global overview and detailed reporting about installations.



Application packaging is a special skill and expensive if you need to update on a regular base. Scappman packages these applications on the fly, you only need to select who needs them.

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Being up to date is one of the most important things a company can do to protect its data. With systems and applications being up to date, the risk of being hacked is drastically reduced.

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Fully automated

When an update is available, the application is automatically updated. No user interaction needed, we'll inform you when it's updated.


Automatic log

Troubleshooting failed installations can be a time-consuming task in Intune, that's why we collect logfiles for you when we detect a failed installation


User-based application assignment

 Intune only allows group assignments. Scappman allows you to select users and we can automatically create a group for you in the background. Just assign users to applications in 2 steps!

Full access. No credit card required.

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