How to keep your available Intune apps up to date

how to keep your available intune apps up to date banner

Available apps in the Company Portal is one of those features you really want to use, but can’t, because you lose control. Until now. From a user’s perspective, available apps in the Company Portal are awesome! Your computer isn’t bloated with unnecessary apps, but at the same time you do have the freedom and flexibility […]

Trends for Microsoft Intune in 2022

trends for microsoft intune in 2022

Trend 1: Further integration of Apple products in Microsoft Intune  One thing that was on the roadmap for already December 2021 was Management of user-installed apps on iOS. Intune can manage previously installed iOS applications in this update once they’re synced with Intune. As a result, previously installed applications do not need to be deleted […]

How Scappman manages Multi-tenancy

how scappman manages multi-tenancy

Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) are always looking for automation in recurring tasks. To change some settings for 1 customer and doing this same action for 1000 other customers is a very time consuming job. The same counts for application patch management. MSP’s want to make sure all of their customers are secured with the latest […]

The best mobile device management solution in 2022: SCCM vs. Intune

the best mdm solution in 2022: intune vs sccm

Choosing mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solutions for your company can be challenging. With ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) on the rise, MDM plays a crucial role in controlling corporate data on devices by configuring accessibility policies and data security. Here, the eternal dilemma arises: Should you go with Microsoft System […]

What are applications update rings?

what are application update rings

For a company, applications can be challenging to manage. They need to be installed on computers and regularly maintained afterwards. When a new application update is available, the IT department needs to reinstall them on all computers. Note: All applications need to be up to date, so hackers cannot abuse vulnerabilities in the software! On […]

What is a day zero-bug or a zero-day attack?

zero-day or zero-bug

A day zero-bug or zero-day attack, as defined by Hewlett Packard, “occurs when a vulnerability is being exploited before the vulnerable software vendor has knowledge of the vulnerability and develops a patch.” Zero-day attacks are dangerous because malicious hackers can use them to exploit vulnerabilities before patches are even available. So the meaning of a […]

How to manage private applications in Microsoft Intune?

how to manage private applications in Microsoft Intune

We get this question a lot. First, it could be that people have a different understanding of what are private apps or what are public apps. Private applications are applications: where the sources can’t be downloaded from the internet without providing personal information. that require a license key or license file. Private applications are not […]

Detecting vulnerable applications with Microsoft Threat and Vulnerability Management

detecting vulnerable applications with microsoft tvm

Given the number of cyberattacks facing companies these days, fixing vulnerabilities has become one of the biggest challenges. According to the US-CERT Vulnerability database, 18376 new security vulnerabilities were detected in 2021, which surpasses the 2020 record of 18351. But more than half of them (57%) could have been prevented by being identified and fixed […]

Vulnerability Management explained

vulnerability management explained

What is vulnerability management? Vulnerability management is the practice of proactively identifying and assessing vulnerabilities within an IT system, a crucial element in executing a cybersecurity strategy. This means that computer systems are potentially a significant risk to the system’s security when vulnerabilities are not addressed. If vulnerability had a slogan, it would be: “better […]