How Scappman manages Multi-tenancy

how scappman manages multi-tenancy

Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) are always looking for automation in recurring tasks. To change some settings for 1 customer and doing this same action for 1000 other customers is a very time consuming job.

The same counts for application patch management.

MSP’s want to make sure all of their customers are secured with the latest software patches. If your customers are using Microsoft Endpoint Manager and you would like them to be up-to-date with all applications, you’ll need to monitor new versions, package these versions and wrap them in an Intunewin file.

Then you’ll need to upload the packages to all tenants of your customers. Already have done that? Than you probably know that you can start all over again as by the time you got finished, a new update is available.

At Scappman we’ve implemented an easy solution to switch between your customers, you’ll be able to see what your customers can see (If you allowed them to access the portal). No need to sign out or sign in into multiple tenants. We have a reseller – customer relation defined so you can have a good overview about your customers patch status.

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