5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Microsoft Intune

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Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management and mobile application management service from Microsoft. The majority of companies are using SCCM for managing their mobile devices, but everything is changing. Based on Microsoft data, the percentage of the Windows devices managed by Intune is constantly growing. And by the end of 2022, Microsoft is forecasting that 50 per cent of Windows 10 devices will be managed from the Cloud.

So, if you’re thinking to migrate to Intune, this blog is useful because we’re going to cover 5 main reasons why you should switch to Microsoft Intune.

1. Intune supports all OSs

Despite Intune is a Microsoft product, you aren’t restricted only to Windows OS. Unlike Config Mgr, Intune supports all operating systems, including macOS, iOS, Android and… Linux! Microsoft promised to add Linux support to Intune in 2022. They plan to start with Ubuntu and to provide support for CentOS, Fedora and Redhat.

Linux support means that now all endpoints can be controlled and managed in one cloud-based MDM system and enables organizations to apply policies and device configurations in the same way for all supported platforms.

2. The best security management

With Microsoft Intune, you can implement full control over all endpoints in your company. The more control you have, the easier it is to secure them.

With Intune, you can set up device a compliance policy that will automatically block devices that don’t meet your organization’s security requirements. You can also create app protection policies that offer an extra layer of protection, securing access on personal devices, and isolating company data from personal data.

3. Everything is on the Cloud

As Intune is a cloud-based MDM and MAM solution, you don’t have to set up and maintain on-premises servers. Everything can be done from the Cloud!

4. Improved IT experience

Microsoft Intune does a lot to make the life of your IT department much easier. For example, because of the flexibility of application installation settings you can assign it to users/groups that need this application – no need to deal with one individual endpoint at a time. With Intune, you can also track licensing, and collect information about hardware configurations as well as software installations. Migration to Intune will allow your IT department to work with greater efficiency.

5. Automated application management with Scappman

Even though it is easy to manage applications in Intune, keeping applications across all enrolled devices up to date is a difficult and time-consuming task because you must track all applications for available updates, test the update, if there are no bugs, package it, upload the app to Intune and deploy it to selected users or groups.

Read more about how to manage applications in Intune in our blog here.

With Scappman you will forget about packaging! Scappman is a 100% cloud solution that automatically installs all the necessary updates for your applications. Scappman automates the entire process of uploading the application and updating it in the Microsoft Intune environment. There are more than 500 third-party applications in Scappman App Store, that are always up to date and secure to use.

Want to migrate to Microsoft Intune? This blog series about how to get started with Intune may be useful.

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