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Scappman for Enterprises & SMBs Automate application updates, focus on what matters No need to worry about managing software updates on your own – Scappman will automatically update all of the applications you deploy in Microsoft Intune for you. This saves you time and money that could be spent on more important things. Try it […]

Application list

Application list Scappman App Store contains all the most popular applications, ready for you to be deployed.  We keep these applications up-to-date on your computers! Discover applications Public applications Enjoy the extensive list of supported public applications! Can’t find one? You can always request apps on our portal! Private applications Want to manage updates for […]


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Why patch management is important for MSPs

why patch management is important for msps

As the world becomes more and more digitized, the importance of patch management grows. Patch management is the process of identifying, acquiring, installing, and verifying patches for software products. For MSPs, patch management is especially important because it helps to ensure the security and stability of client systems. By keeping systems up to date, MSPs […]

Moving your application management from ConfigMgr to Microsoft Intune

As organisations move more and more of their workload to the cloud, it becomes increasingly important to have a cloud-based application management solution. ConfigMgr is a great on-premises application management solution, but for organisations moving to the cloud, Intune provides all the features of ConfigMgr, plus additional features only available in the cloud. Along with […]

How Unpatched Software Affects Your Business

how unpatched software affects your business

In today’s business world, companies are increasingly reliant on third-party applications to help them run their operations and the importance of keeping software up to date becomes increasingly important. However, if these applications are not properly patched, they can pose a serious security risk to the company. In this article, we will discuss how unpatched […]

Patch Management Best Practices for MSPs

patch management best practices for msps

In today’s technology landscape, patch management is more important than ever for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). With the constant stream of new vulnerabilities and exploits being discovered, it is crucial for MSPs to have an effective patch management solution in place. Without a proper patch management solution, MSPs are leaving their clients’ systems open to […]

Microsoft reveals new features to Windows Autopatch: app-based authentification, quality updates reporting and post-registration device readiness

Microsoft reveals new features to Windows Autopatch

In April, Microsoft launched the Windows Autopatch update service for business customers, making it generally available later in July. The main of the service is to take charge of update deployments and reduce the burden on IT admins. On Microsoft Ignite 2022, Microsoft introduced new features that are now available on  Windows Autopatch.  Windows Autopatch […]